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Tag: Christian author

How God’s Glory and the Gospel Message is Seen in “Pinned!”

I’m a note-taker.  Writing things down on paper helps me to remember what I have heard.  Important things. Set aside. Remembered. The following thoughts are taken from my notes as I listened to the sermon given by Dr. Matthew St. John, Bethel Church, Fargo, ND on October 26, 2014. Declare God’s Glory. He began, “People

In The Blink of an Eye!

Accidents happen in the blink of an eye. Have you experienced a close call? Maybe you have escaped by the ‘skin of your teeth’ and avoided damages or, worse yet, injury?  For some, minor accidents can be a reminder to be more careful the next time you do a similar thing.  For others, an accident

My Faith Journey by George Topp

It has been said that my Grandpa Friedrich Joachim Christian Topp would never swear even with a mouthful of-well, you get the picture.  Grandpa was a good man.  He raised six sons in the early 1900’s one of which was my dad, Ervin Edward, also known as Curly. My dad was a good man, too.

My Faith Journey By Kaye Topp

I grew up in a small rural community and within that community was one small church. Within its walls gathered pastors, men, and women, along with their families, who met together to worship God, to read and hear his Word, and to allow it to guide their lives. My dad, mom, grandmother, brother, and sister

Author Introduction: Why we wrote “Pinned!”

God uses different ways to get one’s attention.  This is a story about how He got mine.  Let me tell you, He really did get mine. I was an independent farmer.  A person who works by himself sometimes falsely gets the attitude, “I can do all things by myself and take care of all situations.”