The Book

George Topp believed in God but often relied on himself when making and carrying out decisions. He was not inclined to ask God for help but May 3, 2004 was the day that he found out he is powerless.
That day on his farm near Grace City, North Dakota, started out like any other. He had a half-dozen cows left to calf, and he was also seeding barley. Everything was going fine until his truck would not start.
He had the bright idea to pull the truck with his small loader tractor and a chain to get it started. While the idea itself was sound, it was a bad call trying to do it himself without having someone drive the truck.
The bumper of the truck ended up landing on the top of his legs, and he was immediately pinned. Before long, he began writing goodbyes to his wife and his family on his calving notepad.
But miraculously, God intervened and saved George Topp’s life, not only rescuing him but also healing his wounds and restoring him to wholeness in Jesus Christ.
George and his wife, Kaye, share the incredible love of Jesus and the unbelievable grace of God in this true story that will ignite your faith and convince you of God’s love.