Author Introduction: Why we wrote “Pinned!”

God uses different ways to get one’s attention.  This is a story about how He got mine.  Let me tell you, He really did get mine.

I was an independent farmer.  A person who works by himself sometimes falsely gets the attitude, “I can do all things by myself and take care of all situations.”  Then one day, things change.

While being pinned on the tractor and in great pain, I had a talk with God, and when I spoke the words, “Thy will be done,” the greatest amount of peace came over me.  I had been looking at my watch every 5 minutes, but after that, I did not look at my watch for 1 ½ hour.

Later, in the hospital, I had the inspiration to write a book.  Shortly after getting out, I gave my testimony to groups.  I would have never done that before the accident.  I was not one to do any public speaking. Now I was comfortable. It was a way of sharing my faith.

We started out writing a book for our family and friends but felt the need to open our lives to everybody.  We wanted to give glory to God for what He had done. We wanted everyone to know about his love, his miraculous power, and the power of prayer.  As time passed, God put it on our hearts to include the gospel story-His story.

So many people have heard bits and pieces of our story.   It is new to others. We wanted to tell our story as we are the only ones who could tell it as we would. To pass on our story and have it right and complete was important to us.

We wanted our story to be an encouragement to readers. Perhaps if someone is in a bad situation, they will think of what I did and know that God is with them in every moment just as He was with me and to never give up.  It might help someone to keep from doing something really risky-like in a farming situation.

We believe I survived for a greater purpose. God has blessed us through this calling. We pray you are blessed, also, as you read, “Pinned! Farm Accident-Our Walk in Faith.”

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